Jaime Nanci & The Blueboys

A chance meeting with Pawel Grudzien in 2008 at a less than glamorous gig in a dive bar on Dorset street, Dublin, lead to Jaime Nanci inviting Pawel to join his LoungePunk Band Cuckoo Savante on a brief tour culminating in a late night sing song around a broken down piano in West Cork. Jaime was enamoured of Pawels eccentricity and mad skills on the keys, and at about 4am that morning they wrote their first song together.

Flash forward a year to a swing dance party where Pawel introduced the singer to the behemoth Dave Redmond. A beast on the bass in a flannel shirt, Dave and Jaime hit it off in minutes bonding over their mutual love of the Ford Focus, and the Blueboys were born.

Dave has been playing tirelessly since his teens, and his long time rhythmical cohort , drummer Kevin Brady was dragged kicking and screaming into the Blueboys fray mere moments later to put the boot in and get the band off their arses.

Jaime’s collaborations with Irish blues legend Mary Coughlan lead to a fortuitous meeting with another music legend, Ciaran Wilde. A notorious heterosexual, the saxophonist felt he would bring a certain machismo to the Blueboys that was at this point, to put it nicely, lacking.

And so Jaime Nanci & The Blueboys had become fully malformed.

Fronted by the ambiguously monikered, and vocally androgynous howling bear cub, Jaime Nanci, This hard working quintet have earned their stripes on the live circuit around Ireland, playing multiple gigs each night, to raise the moneys to record and release their debut album TOY, which will see the light of day in digital format on Saturday 28th September, and in Glorious Cd Digpak and Limited edition Pink Vinyl on Friday October 10th 2014.


Inspired by actual events. Toy is a collection of storysongs that borrows musical threads from the past and weaves them on a loom of contemporary cool. The songs avoid confessional cliché and instead sound like the lost pages of a film noir script populated by beautiful losers, gun slingers and after hours dancing marionettes. Basement club bass lines, brushed cymbals, sinewy sax and bop piano lines evoke a gin soaked past of black and white glamour; Jaime's vocals move with ease from smoke curled B movie diva to 70's glitter ball gigolo by way of New Wave's lipstick traces. His voice is an instrument of silk and steel. Like Waits and Mc Gowan before him, he has that knack of writing fresh songs that seem to have forever haunted the cannon of song. From the sophisticated sleaze of Cassanova Street to the glacial yearning of Fearless and the giddy infatuation of Beautiful Feeling he has taken something old, something new, something borrowed 'n blue and created something seductively unique.

“Jaime manages somehow to create an atmosphere of breathless suspension, in which listeners seem to join the singer inside the song.” – Author Keith Ridgway